Nuclear Professional

Desmund started his career as a Nuclear Professional in 1992 in Eskom at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

He worked in the Operations Department that is responsible for the day to day running of the Units at Koeberg. During this time he received various awards as a Nuclear Professional and pioneered improved ways of conducting operations activities. He was also drafted into a project to write improved training material for operations as well as the qualifications standards for South African Nuclear Professionals over a 2 year period.

Desmund entered the strenuous Initial Licensed Trainee Reactor Operators programme in 1999 to receive his license No. KRO 145-0 in May of 2003. He was the Shift Supervisor in Unit 1 Control Room when Koeberg experienced and successfully handled the first ever Nuclear Blackout.

He resigned from full-time work at Eskom in January 2007 and started working as a contracted Senior Instructor at Koeberg Operations Training Department, training initial license trainees in February 2007 until November of 2008.

In December of 2011 he was asked to return full time to Eskom Koeberg to be an Outage specialist, an appointment that required and received the CEO of Eskom’s signature.

Due to recruitment embargoes, he was drafted twice for 2 year contracts as a Senior Engineering consultant and later as a project Manager ensuring safer plant maintenance as well as safer and improved tests for Nuclear Safety, with the latter ending September 2018.

He has been an advocate for stronger Nuclear Energy oversight and has worked extensively in the political sphere to ensure Nuclear Safety and continuity of supply on the Eskom power grid.