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Elize de witt
No I do not
Goverment cant control anything up till now . Niw we will suffer because they will make our source of electrical issues bankrot and stuff all up
No I do not
I do not support the IRP 2018 because:
1. Eskom remains the monopoly and the GRID is still not opened to foster competition.
2. The plan is not based on the IEP (Integrated Energy Plan) as is required by law.
3. Everything in the IRP points to an annual increase of 25% year on year for the next 20 years.
4. The IRP also includes 2500MW of power from the INGA river scheme in the Congo based on nothing but a handshake between the presidents of the 2 countries.
5. The plan demolishes coal power (12000MW) and replaces it with unreliable RE (12000MW).
6. The plan accepts the current Eskom pricing path. There is no reversion to zero based budgeting and cleanout of inefficiency /corruption and bloated Eskom (35 000 excess headcount) which if sorted out, could immediately save Eskom R22bn per year in costs.
No I do not
I am against the IRP 2018 because:
1.Eskom remains the monopoly in the supply of electricity - no competition.