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No I do not
Where must it all end ? In bankruptcy for the middle class ? When electricity tariffs go up, everything goes up. We simply cant keep up with the price of electricity and petrol (levies). Get rid of excess staff and you will see a major change in finances. And stop paying performance bonuses for non-performing staff.. Very few people in the real world get any form of bonus nowadays
No I do not
We need more independent producers of energy. A separation of production and distribution.
Private home owners and industrial buildings should be encouraged to use solar energy to feed into the grid and get credits for their input.
More independent providers of energy from wind, solar and other renewable sources should be encouraged.
Users of electricity should be able to choose from which service provider they get their supply. This works well in other countries and competition is a way of making service providers more efficient.
Having ESKOM as a monopoly can not be good. Government owned enterprises do not work, as has been shown over the years and the taxpayers are expected to keep on bailing out a huge debt.
We need radical changes to our present system.
Gwen - Lynne
No I do not
They have no idea as to what they are doing to the taxpayers. We are burdened enough and they are squandering money as if it is theirs for the taking with free petrol/diesel and this has to stop.
Not fully
Privatize Eskom, The government would not as they promises free services to their voters when they come into power. If you do not pay you do not get electricity. That simple. Stop running welfare organizations like Eskom and municipalities where a few pay and the masses get for free and eventually no one gets anything. I am going to cut my ties to these welfare organizations which eventually will go under and will provide these services for myself at my own cost that way I will make sure I do not sit in the dark.
No I do not
Are the tax payers not burdened enough

Why must we pay the brunt of corruption mismanagement and incompetence.
EsKom top brass are getting ridiculously high salaries yet they don't seem to have a clue on what they are doing

No no they are to ignorant and arrogant to give a shit

Eskom has the monopoly and as the monopoly they will screw us all over and over again as they feel fit
No I do not
The Plan Does not unbundle the Monopoly called ESKOM
The plan does not cater to the SADAC countries own projects
& developments in the sector
still has the same corrupt looters, looting the coffers in the background
Not fully
The Correct and Efficient Functioning of Eskom is Critical for the South African Economy. However, it would appear that Eskom is playing this card politically, while threatening the public with load-shedding if their increases are not met.

The economic woes of Eskom are a result of ‘State Capture’, and the significant number of defaulting municipalities. These Additional / Fraudulent Costs Should Not Be Collected from the Taxpayer, as that is Tantamount to DOUBLE TAXATION. The South African taxpayers have already been Taxed Beyond What Is Considered Reasonable, BUT WILL TAKE NO MORE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The Rogues of ‘State Capture’ and Those Government- and Public Service Personnel that have Defrauded Eskom MUST NOW BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. They MUST Now Pay for What They Have Done to the Country, or Have Their Ill-Gotten Assets Seized.

Another aspect of Eskom’s Unnecessarily High Operating Cost is the Number of Excess Personnel it employs. When Eskom was Satisfactorily (ie without unnecessary breakdowns and load-shedding) Producing ±222 TWhrs in 2006, it had an Employee Complement of Some 32,224 Persons. Eskom’s Current Shaky Production HAS REDUCED to ONLY ±220 TWhrs Now Requires a Workforce of Some 47,658 Persons. THE SUMS DO NOT ADD UP. What Do The Extra ±15,000 Persons Cost Per Month?

The latest Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD) input from Eskom is Based on UNTESTED INFORMATION derived somehow From A UNILATERALLY ADJUSTED Regulated Asset Base (RAB). Their Request Is Absurd, particularly when taking into account that Municipal Debt Is STILL MOUNTING - Even Though Most Municipal Rate Payers Settle Their Electrical Accounts. THOSE MONIES SHOULD BE PAID DIRECTLY INTO ESKOM’S OPERATING ACCOUNT. This will likely Reduce the Increase Requested to about the Level of Inflation - THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE INCREASE.

Our economic climate does not enable the average South African investment to Outstrip the State’s Rapacious Appetite. As a result, it is becoming impossible for myself as a retired individual to meet the ever escalating costs being thrust upon us by the State (ie national-, regional- and local government).

We firmly believe that it is time that the MYPD- and RAB formulations/methodologies Be Reviewed - Complete With Public Participation.
No I do not
As prepaid electricity buyers the public is subjected to increasesby the local municipalities with the hope of not noticing the drop in the number of units they receive
during the course of the year.
A cunning way of increasing tarrifs pricewise as many consumers do not check or monitor the number of units they receive.
Now a further hike by Eskom would legitimise further increases in municipal tarrifs.
As consumers we are subjected to illegitimate increases to foot the bills of these irresponsible CEOs and
highly paid good for nothing
workers demanding a fat bonus at the end of the term.
They live their lives in an abundance of luxury while us honest consumers face a bleak
and dark future through their incompetence
Eskom should take drastic measures in combating electricity theft by the numerous squatter camps springing up all over the country for which the paying consumer is also footing the bill. . As long as there is no monitoring of this dire situation
Eskom is comfortable with the fact that this loss in revenue is subsidised by us consumers.
No I do not
1. supply prepaid meters to all users directly from eskom in so doing you will eliminate the municipalities and those who do not pay.

charge a flat rate and stop punishing users .

allow a lower rate for pensioners. the eastern cape is the POOREST province in SA. think about that when planning to charge more
No I do not
The S A tax payers ( the few who are paying tax ) is already overtaxed on electricity and other areas because of mismanagement of funds. This will cripple the economy and will plunge the country further into bankruptcy and total collapse. It will force the people to convert to drastic ways of getting connected. Check world history of what happens when the people revolts against corrupt goverments.
No I do not
stop stealing tax payers money
No I do not
South African's simply can not afford this.
No I do not
How many more times must South Africans be walked over like doormats by our Public Enterprises and our Government? Please stop the Corruption already?!
No I do not
Downsize administrative staff at ESKOM. Save millions from useless cadre on state wage salary (income tax) and fund from these savings every more profitable.

Stop stealing the tax payers money

Put people with illegal connections INTO PRISON

Break up ESKOM into private Independent power producers and leave ESKOM with state infrastructure maintenance / delivery function.
No I do not
The present government is totally inept, being made up largely [but not entirely] of under-educated, dis-interested people who are there because of who they are, not because of their capabilities. In Eskom They have taken a sound business model and "transformed" it into a corrupt dysfunctional operation in a very short period of time. It is now a shadow of what it was, and is being "financially raped" on a daily basis, but instead of fixing it their idea of a solution is just to take more money from the user. They don't care and probably get free electricity anyway as part of their work package
No I do not
Can do better
No I do not
Stop the corruption.
Follow up on outstanding accounts properly.
Stop illegal connections.
No I do not
Only the state benefits. The ANC are turning the country into a second Zimbabwe
No I do not
his is a total disguise as the plans are based on how government can great a cash cow on an on going basis. Create an open-market energy supply forum whereby. private enterprise and government can compete for our support. Also please sort out Eskom and its bloated cabinet which is unnecessarily draining what little funds are left- which could be used for more viable options.
No I do not
THe entire plan is flawed. we need more renewable energy and new participants and Eskom needs to step down and they should not be a monopoly because they have proven they cannot plan a kids party. Corrupt and full of gupta thieves.
No I do not
This is a total disguise as the plans are based on how government can great a cash cow on an on going basis. Create an open-market energy supply forum whereby private enterprise and government can compete for our support.
No I do not
Please Revise
No I do not
No I do not
Government should ask God for wisdom in handling this problem.
No I do not
Too many No- no's.