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No I do not
It's not right. Finished and klaar!!!
No I do not
One if possible should be able to provide their own power at their own expense without taxation that has no representation
Yes I do
I need to know because of the children
No I do not
The corrupt government neither owns nor maintains the sun. How dare they charge hardworking people for the use of it after these same people have been forced to purchase expensive generators and solar panels due to the government 's incompetence.
No I do not
Government is aready chargeing us for everything even if they boycott nd have unrest protesting we have to fit the bill and cost of damage they do. So why do we have to suffer for there fuck ups nd empty promises
No I do not
Why is government not supportive of its people going solar? Why make it seem like they have another agenda? Is ESKOM not already overburden &too costly to maintain? Is the government against people turning towards solar? Do they prefer everyone relying ESKOM for power which it cannot supply? Or maybe government prefer blackouts & loadshedding, & driving the economy further downwards, Take time read between the lines, why hinder a simple process of clean energy,especially in times of recent Global climate change awareness? Wen all other Government encourages & subsidises solar use, is there a reason it's not backed by Our Government? Time for all to seriously think about it...!
No I do not
Paid for our own Solar System.
Cannot rely on the Government to supply electricity!
The sun is for ALL of us to use and does not belong to the ANC government!!!
No I do not
Firstly I use solar to lessen the carbon footprint of RSA globally. Secondly Eskom is not capable to supply stable electricity due to excessive corruption. I had to use my hard earned after tax money to buy a solar system just the same as I had to upgrade my home security because the government cant protect me.
The government wants us to move to renewable energy, yet they want to tax us when we do. How does that work? No logic. We should be receiving tax breaks for solar and security installations.
No I do not
Eskom can't do their job properly that's why we buy our own generators. This is private property. Buy using our own stuff there are more electricity on the grid for the rest of the country, You are busy killing the goose that is laying the golden egg - then what??
No I do not
i do not see why there need to be extra fees for something privately owned if it is not connected to a grid! this is only due to people wanting a cheaper alternative and Government/Nersa wanting to secure extra money. its like the water meter charge, whether you using it or not you getting a unit charge. No reason, yet they find reasons
No I do not
Eskom, like many other SOE's, has been immensely mismanaged, (often in a corrupt manner) to the extent that electricity supply is unreliable, with pricing far above many other countries. Their inability to service their debt, and to be able to provide enought electricity for future expected economic growth, is putting South Africa at risk of a downgrade. My system was bought with my own after tax money, to provide for the unreliability and exorbitant cost of electricity. I have already paid for system COC, and object to any fees or costs that will be imposed, for whatever reason, as I do not have any trust at all that such fees wiil not be stolen, or mismanaged, as per the track record of municipalities and SOE's
Yes I do
Sir Light ki bahut problem he isliye solar panel lagbana chahte he
No I do not
I paid for them due to the inability of the government to secure/guarantee electricity to the people.
Fees for what?
Just a way to steal more!!!
Yes I do
only if connected to the grid
No I do not
If Government and it's SOE's delivered electricity on a reliable and efficient basis we would not have had to go out and spend our after-tax income on Generators (and fuel to run them) and Solar Panels in the first place. What next? register you household appliances?
No I do not
Eskomand the government cannot guarantee constant electricity supply so I will not pay the government for arranging my own alternative. The sun does not belong to them!!!
No I do not
What has my generators, solar panels got to do with government? I paid for them....government takes taxes on fuel sold in SA so I for 1 will not register my things with them or pay them anything more as I see them as legalised thieves stealing as much as they can from citizens, they can go to hell!!
No I do not
The only thing I can see is they will pocket the money. Don't we all already paying to much taxes
No I do not
Wow, another money-making scheme. First you loose customers due to a terrible service. Those customers choose to pay more for a reliable service and then you want to tax them for a service you never provided!
No I do not
The Sun was put there by GOD, secondly, the water under the ground tooooooooo was placed there by GOD, same goes for even the Minerals. SO! who the HELL do they think they are, to place themselves above GOD, and to charge for the things, that HE, GOD has availed to us as humans. WE pay hard earned money to sink boreholes, and purchase all necessary equipment, in order to make our lives easier and comfortable.
No I do not
This makes no sense
Or is it just another way to obtain more money from overburdened taxpayers?
No I do not
It is just another trick to steal more money
No I do not
Its at my cost and its free energy!!!
No I do not
I have paid for it with my money for my use on my property.
We have another "tollgate saga" on our hands.
No I do not
Just a money making scheme to steal more money.