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No I do not
The energy from the sun is free. Why register... Just to pay a tax?
Eskom and the government should pay a rebate to the solar system owner. Allow people to feed excess energy into the grid. This will help alleviate the energy problem.
This is what first world countries do!
Not fully
If a company/government cannot provide a promised service, the public need the freedom to look for alternatives.
Why must the public pay for the money-loss, corruption and mistakes of Government-run Companies?
No I do not
First reason is I can not trust this government with anything according to their 26 year track record.
2. When they can not steal from us via ridiculous Eskom tariffs, they want to tax you on your own expenses which you used on getting a reliable energy scource.
3. Government can rather spend their time and energy on fixing ALL the State Departments and SOE's by getting rid of corruption, wastage, BEE and unqualified persons.
No I do not
Reason: we would not have to consider solar and or generators if Eskom provided us with we required and pay for
No I do not
Taxation for taxation sake is pushing the middle class into extinction.
Whilst it is understandable that Government needs to take into account that users should not be back-feeding into the system without signoff to prevent systems remaining live when they have been turned off. Certification is a feasible route, Licencing is nothing more than an attempt to tax the public again.
No I do not
I will not pay this as people will not be getting alternatives if the SOE was providing stable electricity at a reasonable price.
Not fully
There should be a certificate not a licence. The certificate should be for safety purposes only. The only person you pay is the electrician for the installation and issuing of the safety certificate just like any other electrical installation.
No I do not
- Sunlight is free and can be used by any person as seen fit.
- No person / Government own the sun.
- What are the reasons for register and licence or is it enrich the government to cover the shortfall caused by corruption and mismanagement of Government funds.
- Why does the Government "punish" me to be independent from a unreliable service provider like Eskom?
No I do not
The government is unable to provide the necessary service that i need and then still wants to charge me for non delivery and on expenses that i inccur because of them.
No I do not
We help Saving on overload
No I do not
I will have to pay tax on the generator unit then I'll pay tax on the petrol I use to use the unit....
Secondly I'll pay tax on the solar unit now I can at least get something for free....
But then I'll have to pay tax on something I get for free
No I do not
Makes no sense to pay eskom or municipality for Risk taken by consumers
No I do not
No I do not
This action would be unacceptable as we already save the eskom grid from overloading in a small way by creating our own power.. They should pay us!!!! Wtf???
No I do not
I do not believe the Government should regulate my ability to provide for my self.
Our Government cant fix its finances and wants us to pay for there mess.
I want to be self supporting not rely on government
No I do not
If it is not connected to the grid in any way then they have no claim on the energy produced for private use.
No I do not
Another way to try and rip us off we have legally paid for and made provisions for the poor service delivery we receive and neither Eskom or the government is getting another penny out of me!
No I do not
Certainly don't support that I must register. We are all trying to limit the pressure that is occurring. The government wants us to pay taxes for us to have our back up plans. Government has realized that he is losing money because people are gat vol of load shedding etc.
Heinz Thomas
Yes I do
Save on power
No I do not
We have had to make our own plans at our own expense to keep our households and businesses going due to the negligence of Eskom (whom we pay a premium rate!)and our government.
No I do not
Absurd! Just some new form of ripping us off even more. They cannot maintain their own equipment now they want to tax my equipment. They can go to hell!
No I do not
We pay a premium for an unreliable electricty service Eskom and we are still charged VAT as well! We should be allowed to choose our own electricty source without further charge as Eskom is clearly not a competent electricity provider to the citizens of South Africa.
No I do not
It is just another way of stealing our hard earned money. We pay Eskom for what!??? Load shedding, mismanagement and corruption.. Is this how you want to sink South Africa???

No I do not
It's not right. Finished and klaar!!!
No I do not
One if possible should be able to provide their own power at their own expense without taxation that has no representation