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2019-02-20 07:18:57 +02:00
I object to the increase
ESKOM should be firing unnecessary staff, reducing the cost of energy to drive growth. This approach of increasing costs to cover inefficiency is madness and is simply going to drive further into "coffin corner" economically speaking
2019-02-18 11:19:55 +02:00
I object to the increase
How can we the tax payer keep paying for 10 years of plundering, looting, miss-management (3 boards and counting) and Union disruption of a SA key entity? 66% overstaffed (IMF stats)
ANC are now fighting each other over Eskom and will destroy it .
2019-02-18 11:06:42 +02:00
I object to the increase
I strongly object to the size of the increase. The wealthy can accommodate it but middle-class families, pensioners and the poor cannot. Middle-class families with children and transport costs find these all going up too. As a pensioner: my pension goes up less than 10% and there are all kinds of other increases which it has to cope with. I have always used electricity sparingly, as have most of my pensioner friends and poor friends; it seems quite wrong that we should have to pay, when so much money was either stolen or given illegally and incompetents were appointed to top jobs. I blame them only if they were not prepared to accept advice or ask for it, but it appears that this was what was done -- people with no
knowledge or experience appointed because they were friends or family or ANC cadres and
with inflated salaries and lots of golden handshakes. Also incompetence, minimum maintenance, toleration of companies who could not complete the work. and what they did do flawed. Get money back from them, not from those of us who pay regularly for our electricity.

no or flawed forward planning, kickbacks. The list is endless. These people sit with their numerous top cars, houses , etc. etc. I have yet to see that theere is any
2019-02-17 14:09:15 +02:00
I object to the increase
I STRONGLY object to even the smallest increase. ESKOM must find the money somewhere else an NOT from the people who have been paying for this service ! They must also employ people who are qualified, capable individuals and get rid of the corrupt and incapable.
2019-02-17 12:37:43 +02:00
I object to the increase
I do believe that Eskom is top heavy and that has to be sorted before any increase can be aloud, also has to look at the salary structure specially on the management side who do enjoy the office environment.
If they do get the increase it will only go for the salary increase and not for any maintenance.
2019-02-16 17:52:52 +02:00
I object to the increase
Collect your shortfall from the persons responsible and not from the public. E.g billions was authorized to pay the Guptas for coal that was never delivered, fraud and theft in Escom, extra-ordinary high salaries and benefits to Escom,etc
2019-02-15 13:53:17 +02:00
I object to the increase
So you can increase your salary.

No no no
2019-02-15 12:57:23 +02:00
I object to the increase
NO, NO, NO!!! We Pay no more!!! We getting milked like cows!!!
The ANC bunch drained everything out of the coffers and we the idiotic citizens always vote them in to plunder some more to live like kings and to be driven around in black limos on the highways just to shove us aside to show us how powerful they are because of our votes. They, the ANC must start paying because its their people that governs the ESCOMS and the SAA's together with their comrades Cosatu etc. etc. shouting for more money so they can do less.
Its about time SA's citizens start doing to Escom what we did to e-TOLL!!!! Generate our own electricity or burn fires and candles untill sanity prevails.
2019-02-15 07:51:51 +02:00
I object to the increase
I REJECT THIS INCREASE IN THE STRONGEST TERMS. Go and get your money stolen by the Zuptas and all the other comrades with their hands in cookie jar. If you are serious about saving Eskom reduce your staff complement especially management who has no clue of what they are doing except collecting a huge salary every month, freeze salaries and stop paying bonuses.
But you NERSA has no guts to stop this plundering by Eskom of the citizens of this country.
2019-02-14 19:26:27 +02:00
Willem Jacobus
I object to the increase
The increases is totally unacceptable. It will kill the economy and will result in pensioners, only getting 3-4% p.a. increase on their pension , loosing their homes as municipal accounts is way out of line as it is.