What will your bill be after all the upcoming increases?

We have launched an electricity account calculator where you can enter your current electricity costs and judge the impact on your budget. If we do not stand up to the unending tariff increases currently requested by Eskom and the applications still in the pipeline for this year, we can expect to be paying double our current costs.



Nersa recently granted Eskom an increase of around 16% instead of the requested 33% while simultaneously admitting corruption could have had a hand in their Tariff increase application. Upon Ted Blom’s insistence, Calib Cassim, acting CFO of Eskom, agreed to lower the tariffs after an investigation into corruption is concluded.

The Energy Expert Coalition is currently in discussions with a prominent investigation and prosecuting entity and has launched an independent investigation into several Eskom matters. We will be holding Eskom to account and will enforce their promise to lower tariffs.

Points to note;
1 – the investigation will be independent and publicly-funded to ensure legitimacy and,
2 – is cheaper and quicker than going through costly legal avenues
3 – presents a viable and achievable benefit to the public, businesses and the economy.

We cannot rely on the government to investigate themselves. The public must be involved.

Together we can do a legitimate independent investigation.

Do you have an unresolved electricity bill dispute after complaining to your service provider, Eskom, Municipality or Body Corporate?

Request Ted Blom and the Energy Expert Coalition to resolve with the assistance of the Electricity Regulator in 3 easy steps.