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No I do not
Its unfair
No I do not
In this economic climate many South Africans are working. This increase will furthermore damage small businesses.
No I do not
Eskom needs to make a plan, the people who suffer most are the poor class, pensioners, how does eskom expect people to buy electricity when thecant afford high rates as we speak? this is insane
No I do not
Statistics indicate that Eskom has doubled its workforce, and spent exponentially more during the last 20years, while not increasing output. Most countries in the world are becoming more efficient with energy supply and cost per kilowatt. Eskom is a failed Institution. They must allow normal open market fair trade competition.
No I do not
If Eskom increase tariff, most of small business will surfer and collapse because load shedding affect it already. Government must start to decrease salaries of officials and Eskom officials.
Yes I do
loadsheding is destroying our business
No I do not
Government Ministers and Office Bearers should have their salaries reduced drastically. Their exhorbitant allowances and perks should be stopped. All these monies may then be used to cover the debts of all the SoE's. Taxpayers will then have more money to survive.
No I do not
How do you expect society to actually live with these price increases. companies only provide a ±5% increase in salaries per year. and yet the electricity prices are hiking more than we can afford. most companies do not even give annual bonus to their staff. maybe you should consider less than 5% increase for all eskom staff and less bonus' to the staff through the year. The price keeps increasing, yet load shedding persists? Maybe start cutting down staff and getting the right leaders to overlook Eskom in order to actually provide a service that is non-existant, yet we pay a fortune for it. Maybe locations can stop receiving free electricity, if they stop "stealing" electricity things would be better. I suggest Eskom get their priorities in order and start thinking more of the people and less about their back pockets
No I do not
No I do not

Not fully
If following are fullfilled I would support an increase of 20%.
Power to be supplied at all times-no load shedding.
The whole Current management of Eskom are terminated and a competent management are employed based on experience with a basic salary of 30.000sar per month plus a performance bonus of same if stated goals are fullfilled
A supervisory board to supervise the management are employed with 2 from the industri,2 from the agricultural sector,2 from the public,2 from the mining sector,2 from the government.All to have 1 vote each.The board shall meet once every month,travel paid by economy and 3star accomodation with breakfast.They shall be paid 25000sar per meeting and same in performance bonus if sated goals are met.
All consumers incl state companies,municipalities,people,mines,farms,industri,police,custom,countries who have not paid their outstanding are given one month to pay or power will be disconnected.
A planning group to monitor daily consumption and increased consumption the next 10 years to be employed ,again with 2 qualified representatives from each group,farms,industry,mines,state,public and given 3 months to come up with a report for urgent rehabilitation,rehabilitation daily and new projects to be started immidiately.Paid 100.000 each as basic for 3 months and same amount if the report are completed within the 3mths and approved by the supervisory board.All travel on economy and accomodation in 3 stars.All access granted to every power plant,coal supplier etc.
A group of electricians chekckers to be employed in each town to go through all connections and immidiately disconnect all illegal connections,estimate the consumers past consumption and invoice the full amount plus an equal amount as a fine.No supply to be reinstated before full amount is paid.Checkers to be paid 15.000 per month plus same aount if their performance are approved by the 2nd supervisory board
A 2nd supervisory board consisting of same number of people qualified to check on the connections to supervise the team of checkers and to follow after the group of checkers with spotchecks.Any illegal connection which have not been disconnected will result in the group of checkers to be terminated without performance bonus.All transport to be supllied by Eskomn
Eskom to make a total personnel tally once a month on different days,not publisized .Any employee not at work leads to immidiate termination.This is also valid for management.
A design and planning group to be employed with experienced representatives from the various entities,mining,agricultural,industry,public,government to plan for increased consumption in the next 20 and 30 years.They will be given 6 months to come up with a report,will be paid 180.000sar for 6mths and an equal amount if the supervisory board approve of the report.They shall have access to all cola mines,powerplants,suplliers of spares ,past contractors.Transport on economy and accomodation in 3 star.
Government not to appoint director , management or put pressure on the management for use of suppliers etc.
Police to protect the workers,management of Eskom and the military to assist when necessary in connection with disconnection,cut off of supplies due to non payment.
No I do not
My pension money will land up in a deep hole. It will not solve Escom's problems. It will only delay the the process. The leak in the bucket is causing the bucket never to fill (with our pensioen money). Further more, who says that the money will not end up individual's pockets. The proof, during the last 15 years is in the pudding.
No I do not
I do not think an increase is necessary because what good is eskom doing for S.A . to ensure there is no load shedding.You should be cutting down on the manpower.Spending R 1..8 billion on bonus is ridiculous.& unacceptable..The ridiculous high price of coal that eskom is purchasing.One of the reason why the economy of the country is at it's all time low is because of Eskom & now you crippling the citizens of S.A. by requesting an increase.

No I do not
As the sole bread winner I take care of my parents and younger brother.
The Municipal charges are already exorbitant and unaffordable.
Eskom has not done enough to justify increasing the tariff.
Eskom should look at cutting costs by:
* reducing staff
* stop paying high bonuses
* stop buying high priced coal
* reduce costs
No I do not
They have not cut expediture down at all and we are now expected to pay for their misconduct.
No I do not
Why must the consumer keep forking out for Eskom's bad management. Stop paying bonuses and firing competent people at Eskom.
No I do not
Eskom must get rid of its incompetent managers, incompetent staff, They should not get bonuses because they did not work for it and not entitled to it as eskom is not performing. Get back the monies from the previous CEO's (They should be jailed for mismanagement of funds, looks like the South African Government is unable to apply there own laws, for example the public finance act.. Now you want to take money from the pension fund, this is day light thievery.
No I do not
Stop giving low rates to neighboring countries. drop top management salaries, stop bonus's for top management they do not deserve it - risk pension money of million of people for their incompetence - no ways.
No I do not
You cannot fix incompetence and corruption with CASH.
No I do not
Why is there a need for a tariff increase? On what grounds? And what is the reason that Eskom is "entitled". No in the least bit.
No I do not
where are the anc going to get money to pay every1 sassa ? if you take our pension we all going to be dependant on the goverment grant ... hell no!! fire all the fat cats that does nothing but spent money !!!
No I do not
Through Incompetence since 1994 the ANC and Management ruined a well run and in the black by getting rid of all the Qualified Artisans and employing untrained people and on top of that they bankrupt Eskom with their theft and High, High salaries and Bonuses They should get rid of all the unqualified people and get qualified people They should stop Raping the public so that Eskom can steal more money Give back all the money and Stop all the Benefits you give yourself Petrol cards for you and your family, Cellphones unlimited Cut the Salaries of the CEO and Top Management Stop giving Soweto free lights and other African countries I cannot afford to pay more s a pensioner and making you richer
No I do not
Eskom got themselves in the mess, they can get themselves out without touching our money!
No I do not
Privatise Eskom. They created the problem. Fire them all. Privatise. Only way it will work.
No I do not
Not worth wasting more money in this badly managed broken entity. What happened to all the money from international investors less than 2 years ago? NO ACCOUNTABILITY! let private owners take over then we'll invest.

Ted Blom - Kragtariewe - 7 Feb 2019