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Yes I do
Unacceptable that incompetent Eskom, thinks they can just force higher tariffs, instead of getting g their own house in order.
No I do not
Embedded Incremental insanity
No I do not
Tariff already so high - pay the government officials less so that the rest of the population can have a life!!
No I do not
Escom should subsidise the consumer who pays for electricity on his consumer account monthly.Escom do not fulfill his responsibility to provide power supply and install load shedding instead..Escom should refund the consumer for the costs of generators and solar systems ..No TARIFF INCREASE MUST BE ALLOWED to a company
who wastes money
No I do not
We pay so much for electricity and endure load shedding. Eskom is in some much debt and expect us to pay for their corruption
No I do not
What about the people that only receive a grant!!!! How can eskom be so dumb and yes heartless!!! If they didn't allow for all this ninsense to happen, this step would nit have been even there!!!!! So NO to any types of increases!!! And why the hell on solar paneks and generators!!!!!!!!!! This is very sick, sick, sick!!!!
No I do not
Already overpaying for poor service.. Not prepared to support their incompetency and theft of our public moneys
No I do not
Please start getting the outstanding dettors from municipalites tobpay. Cut elegal wiring. Bring equality to all. Why must the white subburbs pay 5x more than Rural as all our business can not handle the constraint of these accounts. Us in tourism did not had increase for 10 years and we are still moving back
No I do not
Daar is enorm bedrae geld wat weggerask het uit Eskom. Dis R en c wat reeds deur verbruikers betaal is. Herwin dit eers. Dalk verdwyn die volgende betalings ook.
No I do not
The government must allow other companies to supply electricity .it must break the Barrie's to entry in this field.we can't afford to pay electricity. Eskom is doing as pleases bcoz there is no competition and that's not fair at all,
No I do not
The citizens of South Africa only get salary increases once a year. Pensioners don't even get annual increases on their pensions at all. Yet Eskom increases tariffs throughout the year. Where must ordinary working people and even much whorse pensioners get the extra money to pay the exorbitant increases. Eskom is the biggest poverty maker in this country. Leading to more and more people living under the breadline and battling to survive. Horrible Horrible. Eskom is starting to outprice themselves out of the market at a very rapid rate.. People are left with no other options but go off the grid and use alternative power sources. People cannot afford Eskom power any longer. Isn't it time that people start to pay according to services rendered. In other words Eskom must start to pay the price for bad service. Why must paying citizens keep on carrying non-paying citizens. Equal rights means equal paying for services. If you want electricity in your home, you have to pay for it. Why should other people pay your bill????
No I do not
High enough already

Ted Blom - Kragtariewe - 7 Feb 2019