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No I do not
Currently the amount we pay per unit is SUPER INFLATED!
Eskom allows huge bonusses and salary increases to top level and staff . Why should the general public pay for their mistakes ?? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
No I do not
Daar is net geen eerlikheid en vertroue meer in Eskom nie. Hulle het, wat eens 'n sterk instansie was, is nou een hoop gemors vol korrupsie.
No I do not
Our salery stays the same petrol goes up, food go up tax go up, school for kids goes up so does everything else .i will not pay that increase.GOD never instructed us to steal from each other and that:s what Eskom wants to do.
No I do not
Although I agree with Eskom that input costs does increase annually, and for that reason prices need to be increased, they should first and foremost run Eskom as a business. If I take a ridiculous salary each month, higher than my nett profit, my business will quickly become bankrupt. My customers will not accept a 90% increase, just to fuel my exorbitant spending or mismanagement of funds. Let Eskom run on the same principle. They get away with it because they have the monopoly for electricity supply in SA. Open the market for smaller operators to compete with Eskom.
Government must make it easier for consumers to generate their own electricity, and sell their surplus back to the grid. This will ease the load on Eskom for expansions. Futhermore they need to remove people in management positions who are there purely because of contacts, and replace them with competent people who can do the job.
No I do not
The tariff increase will make the poor poorer, paying for mismanagement is not fair. Let Eskom executives take salary tax towards paying the money. Downsize the top management at Eskom coupled with minimum salary increase at managerial levels.
No I do not
Remove political interference, cut out the top three levels of the 'executive', retrench the bloated management of recent years, appoint competent technical management and run the business efficiently before you further burden consumers and industry and as a result the economy.
No I do not
Poor leadership and management public funds and new power stations result in the public/consumers having to pay for the ineptitude prevailing at ESKOM. Consumers are punished via tariff increases for the poor management at ESKOM - the price for coal seems to not represent value for money, given reported poor quality!
No I do not
Increasing tariff prices will have the opposite effect of what Eskom have in mind. The more we have to pay for Eskom electricity the more people will look of for alternative sources like gas and generators rather than pay the increase tariff prices.

The end result will be less demand for Eskom electricity which will force Eskom to shut down plants and lay off workers.

So please do everybody a favor and downsize Eskom to a profitable workforce with reasonable salaries rather than an overbloated workforce that are paid astronomical amounts of money for doing almost nothing.
No I do not
I'm not prepaired to pay for corruption, outrages salaries & bonuses any longer!
No I do not
Eskom needs to cut their bloated labour force and clean up their corrupt governance and reclaim previous fraudulently spent funds to cover their costs. They should be a profitable organisation but are over staffed and do not have financial oversight and accountability so they become a bottomless pit of wasteful expenditure.
No I do not
I fully agree with Chris Yelland, EE per below.
Simply expecting electricity customers to bear the burden alone through huge tariff increases will just accelerate the utility death spiral, with severe economic consequences for the whole country.

Eskom itself must share the burden through a lower rate of return on assets, increased efficiency and belt-tightening across the board.
The shareholder – namely government and thus the taxpayer – must share the burden through further equity injections  - bailouts - linked to performance in terms of a credible recovery plan supported by government and the Treasury.
Eskom executives, management, staff and workers must share the burden through reduced pay, forgoing bonuses, reduced staff numbers, retrenchments and improved productivity.
In their own interests and to protect their existing Eskom debt, financial institutions, banks and lenders must share the burden through refinancing of existing Eskom loans with better repayment terms and lower interest rates, and by extending new loans even though with higher risk.
To protect their existing Eskom business, coal suppliers must share the burden through better prices and special pricing agreements to reduce Eskom’s primary energy costs.
The justice department, police, director of public prosecutions, Hawks, courts and Eskom itself must all play their part to root out and punish perpetrators of fraud, corruption, maladministration and unauthorised expenditure at Eskom, without fear or favour.
No I do not
They got themselves into this position so why must we pay for it. Bunch of thieves!
No I do not
This country has been stolen to bankruptcy by the ANC and its caders and they live like Kings. We have paid enough up till here, the ANC has just prove to us they are useless to do anything about it. They are a bunch of liers. Give this country back to the whites to govern it and thing will flourish again.

No I do not
Collect what's due from non paying municipalities
No I do not
It is absurd. Why must the people pay for incompetence.
Hilda Els
No I do not
already pay extra levy for box unable to pay more as pensioner.

Yes I do
We will be able to avoid load shedding and be able to save electricity and use resources wisely
No I do not
I feel they cant keep me responsible for shortfalls if there people is steeling the money
No I do not
Not acceptable that sa citizens have to take up the burden because useless corrupt incompetent eskom employees caused the problems...
No I do not
Stop wasting our resources and taxpayers money. Put an end to mismanagement and start getting the job done. Cut the CEOs salary and bonuses if that will help, but to increase the tariff is reckless and unacceptable. How does Eskom expect us to live if we don't have money for those fancy solar panels or wind mills? Didn't they build wind and solar farms to help woth exactly this problem??? #GREEDmustFALL
No I do not
The country is under seige, our economy threatened by mismanagement and lack of competence in maintenance. Instead in return for our taxes paid to enjoy these services we are raped. Until it can be demonstrated money is used correctly ...that salaries and perks are cut to assist repair in this crisis... ESKOM should receive 0% tariff increase.
No I do not
We as the end user can't keep on paying for the mistakes made by incompetent individuals, and wasting money on expensive coal from the gouptas, and individuals in high seats in eskom is earning a lot of money for nothing and allocating them self one hell of a bounis each year. Get corruption out and the fat cats and bring back the people with the knowledge and I think we must get one more energy supplier to be in competition then we will get value for money.
No I do not
The poor will not afford to pay terrifs. Government must decrease the salary of the MP's to boost the economy
No I do not
Government is asking us to pay for theft of resourses and bad management of Eskom by ANC appointees when it could be in the hands of professionals to run it. The buck stops with the consumers!
No I do not
Eskom is a state owned entity and is pillaged by comrades of the state. I cannot see how increasing tarrifs would make any difference to the performance of the company other than by filling the wallets of those in control. I pay taxes used by government to run/bail out state owned entities why should I have to pay for the states incompetence in running those effectively. Sell Eskom to a private company and learn how it should be done.