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Load shedding is no coincidence. Eskom has stated it is “entitled to a 90% increase” and has now applied to increase your electricity costs for 2019. The National Energy Regulator, NERSA has asked for your comment in the increase decision-making process.

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If you support or object to the increase, please give a reason why. Should you be at a loss for words, read the summary, live input or documents below the form.

NOTE: In light of the load shedding happening around the country, we have decided to keep the public participation open and will be hand delivering the comments to Nersa at the upcoming public hearings where top energy advisor Ted Blom of the Energy Expert Coalition will be representing the public.

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No I do not
I have buying R500 every month and get 345 unites which last for a month. Now I have to increase what I buy with money I don't have and can't afford.
No I do not
As a pensionar we at this stage pay far more than our income Eskom must clean their house from coruption and manage their business beter
No I do not
They r earning huge salaries.... Like the ceo... 550 000 per month. They do not deserve that salaries... And we must pay for poor service
No I do not
They must start collecting tariffs from Soweto we in suburbs can't pay double for soweto residents
No I do not
The tarrifs r already beyond my means as a poor pensioner. I'm sure for others too ! How about getting another supplier to assist Eskom to carry the load ! I acknowledge the fact that the township people r not paying , but something needs to b done to encourage them to pay something at least !!!
Ted Blom CNBC
Ted Blom urges radical restructuring to save Eskom


  • The increase is 15% for direct Eskom customers while 17 to >20% for municipal customers
  • This increase will be per year, to 2022
  • Eskom claims they are entitled to over 90% increase if they follow the MYPD rules,  (called “defective” 2 yrs ago by Ted Blom), as the basis of those rules are questionable, not transparent and deliberately inflated by Eskom (fraud) to solve liquidity ratios in its Balance sheet
  • Eskom has revalued its assets from R800bn to R1.4tn – and Nersa has not allowed the public to review this, despite a previous ruling for this to be made public
  • Eskom remains captured, albeit now by another new “third force”
  • The balance between what Eskom is now claiming through the “front door”(MYPD4) will be claimed later through the “backdoor” (RCA)
  • Eskom is being driven into the ground, and SA economy will collapse before 2022.
  • Eskom is NOT sustainable
  • Expect massive RCA claims ahead
  • No turnaround strategy evident
  • Renewables taking around 30% of revenue, delivering less than 10% of saleable power
  • Debt service shortfall of more than R50bn – will kill Eskom’s Bond market
  • Hence more bailouts ahead
  • Acknowledgement that Maintenance is below requirements- could lead to more PowerStation failures & blackouts
  • Full forensic investigation needed now more than ever

Reaction to Eskom's stage 2 loadshedding: Ted Blom

SABC Digital News

Published on Dec 3, 2018

Eskom says Stage Two loadshedding will continue today as the organisation battles with low coal reserves and break downs at various power stations across the country. For more, we are joined in studio by energy expert Ted Blom.