Well done!

Thank you for commenting on Eskom's tariff increase request. Please support our legal challenge to have the Eskom tariff increase set aside. A copy of your message has been sent to you along with an automated proof of receipt. Check your junk mail folder if you can't find it. Please encourage all your friends and […]

Eskom increase request 2019

Load shedding is no coincidence. Eskom has stated it is "entitled to a 90% increase" and has now applied to increase your electricity costs for 2019. The National Energy Regulator, NERSA has asked for your comment in the increase decision-making process. Please use the form below to add your name and comment. If you support […]


In a ground-breaking victory for Energy Expert Coalition's Ted Blom, the electricity regulator NERSA has ruled against Eskom's fictitious invoicing. Blom recently represented a small mining company which, as a result of a downturn in the market, has been forced […]

New Eskom skeletons haunt municipalities

Subsequent to the National Energy Regulator (Nersa) hearings on Notified Maximum Demand rules held in Pretoria last Friday, Ted Blom, a partner at Mining & Energy Advisors has uncovered further irregularities and first confirmation that Eskom’s revenue is overstated by […]

Time to hold Eskom Board accountable

Just as electricity consumers are about to release a sigh of relief after surviving a winter with only one week of interrupted power, news has surfaced of Eskom facing yet another disastrous coal shortage. “The new Eskom board was appointed […]

Eskom to release annual financials

ESKOM SKELETONS TO BE REVEALED ON MONDAY- How many will be slain? With Eskom set to release its Annual Results on Monday 23 July 2018 (provided there is no further political interference), SA electricity consumers are beginning to prepare themselves for […]