SCROLL DOWN TO TAKE ACTION. Government has indicated use of private pension funds to bailout Eskom – which is failing due to corruption.

Load shedding is no coincidence and Eskom has stated it is “entitled to a 90% increase”. It is time to fight this now. We need 500,000 signatures to support legal action to protect private pension funds and forensic investigation to prove tariffs can be immediately halved.

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Would you support a forensic investigation to reveal corruption and prove tariffs can be halved? (summary below)
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This is what the ” man in the street was up against ” Eskom & EIUG ganged up against the public to push up public tariffs as acknowledged by disclosure of former Head of EIUG (Energy Intensive User Group – the powerful lobby of large energy users who mostly get discounted electricity tariffs). If I get support from 500 000 Consumers, I am in for the fight – otherwise, I am wasting my time & effort as a lone wolf against a Goliath and withdraw from campaigns against Corruption & Inefficiency that I have been fighting for past 11 years. – Ted Blom

I am gobsmacked by a certain Former Eskom & EUIG executive’s article in the press, that he nows realises that fighting for higher Eskom tariffs was incorrect- and that he now stands ready to fix Eskom? – more so since I was publically criticised for my stance that Eskom tariffs needed to be halved to stamp out corruption & inefficiency?

Bottom line is Government now wants to steal your & my pension funds to prop up the ongoing corruption at Eskom.

I am happy to lead a petition against this and opening a full forensic on Eskom if I get enough support.