Earlier this week, the High Court in Pretoria declared a R3.7 billion Gupta-era coal supply contract between Tegeta and Eskom unlawful. Energy Expert Ted Blom, who was instrumental in instigating and formulating the successful case, handed over a legal dossier to the SIU in 2018.

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Ted Blom has been uncovering Eskom fraud – including coal frauds – since he first discovered massive irregularities at Eskom in 2007 during a 2-year Coal Roadmap consulting assignment to plot coal supply until 2030.

Blowing the internal whistle on these crimes earned him a 10-year extension to execute the findings on looming coal shortages. However, Eskom dismissed Blom 24 hours before the agreed investigation start date.

Blom then approached Carte Blanche who has aired extensive programs on Eskom corruption. Blom continued over the next ten years with extensive reporting on coal frauds, as well as frauds on Medupi, Kusile & Ingula totalling over R400bn – something the ruling ANC is in denial about, despite all their public posturing.

Initially, Blom made use of the NERSA hearings to expose Eskom fraud. Still, Nersa avoided investigation and at one stage, Blom was labelled a “troublemaker” by the previous board. “Thank goodness the new Nersa panel are far more supportive and determined to root out Eskom’s corrupt pricing regime,” says Ted Blom.

“It has been a 13-year struggle, which included numerous ‘death threats’, theft of my files and threatening phone calls. I was also fired from a former civil society employer for assisting a member of the public, despite having negotiated written permission, to do so,” Blom recalls.

“I want to thank my maker and all those brave people who have provided encouragement, support and advice along the way, as well as Adv. Steven Davies, who kindly recompiled the Tegeta file for me.”

Blom will be presenting at the final Nersa hearings in Midrand on Monday, 24 February 2020, where he will deliver his next evidence-bombshell on the unconstitutionality of Eskom’s tariff hike RCA claim of over R27bn.

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