Power utility Eskom said on Friday evening that it would only implement load-shedding if it was “absolutely necessary”.

It said that the electricity system remained “tight and vulnerable” and that the “probability of load-shedding remains”.

“The objective remains not to implement load-shedding today [Friday] and over the weekend. However, given the additional loss of units with unplanned breakdowns now above 11,500MW and the need to continue to replenish emergency reserves, the probability of load-shedding remains, but will only be implemented if absolutely necessary,” Eskom said in a statement.

The power utility implemented rotational power cuts between 10pm on Thursday and 5am on Friday — with less than two hours’ notice.

“The overnight load-shedding implemented on Thursday, assisted with the partial recovery of our emergency resources to enable us to get through the morning. We will need to continue to replenish both our water levels at pumped storage schemes and diesel for our open cycle gas turbines over the weekend in order to place us in a better position to stabilise for the week ahead.

“Eskom technical teams are working tirelessly to return units from planned and unplanned maintenance and to replenish emergency reserves,” Eskom said.

article by Timeslive